From The Book of Common Prayer:
"An Order for Celebrating the Holy Eucharist"

copyright church publishing incorporated, nyc; available to read online here.


This rite requires careful preparation by the Priest and other participants.

It is not intended for use at the principal Sunday or weekly celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

The People and Priest

Gather in the Lord's Name

Proclaim and Respond to the Word of God

The proclamation and response may include readings, songs, talk, dance, instrumental music, other art forms, silence. A reading from the Gospel is always included.

Pray for the World and the Church

Exchange the Peace
Either here or elsewhere in the service, all greet one another in the name of the Lord.

Prepare the Table
Some of those present prepare the table; the bread, the cup of wine, and other offerings, are placed upon it.

Make Eucharist
The Great Thanksgiving is said by the Priest in the name of the gathering, using one of the eucharistic prayers provided [Form 1 or Form 2, pages 402-405].

The people respond--Amen!

Break the Bread

Share the Gifts of God
The Body and Blood of the Lord are shared in a reverent manner; after all have received, any of the Sacrament that remains is then consumed.

When a common meal or Agape is a part of the celebration, it follows here.

Click below to read the required forms for Eucharistic prayer that are part of this Order for Eucharist: